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Government Relations

Why Advocate?

Elected officials DO listen to people in their communities

Learn more about the study (and the power of citizens) by reading "Communicating with Congress". 

Read on to learn how to use this power effectively!

Know Your Elected Officials

To be an effective advocate, there are a few things you should know about your elected officials:

Who are they?

Look up your Federal legislators: Go and/

Look up NC State legislators: Go to the NC legislative website.

What are their politics, background and interests?

Try or for a more comprehensive background.

What are their policy interests?

Go to to look up bills they’ve introduced.

What are their connections to career development and career counseling issues?

Review their biographical information to see what schools they’ve gone to or the careers they’ve had.

Know the Issues

The Current Legislation and Policy Issues NCDA Follows

NCDA is following three key federal issues that will impact career development professionals. Each includes policy provisions, program developments or spending cuts directly affecting career development professionals across the country. They are:
Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Workforce Investment Act

Appropriations for the Departments of Labor and Education


Government Relations / Public Relations Committee Chair

Amy Policastro Schroeder

North Carolina Career Development Association

Non-profit 501(c)6

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