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57th Annual Poetry & Art Contest (2022-2023)

“Career Development Around the World:
Making Connections and Increasing Access to Impact the Global Labor Market”

The National Career Development Association & North Carolina Career Development Association is hosting the 57thAnnual Poetry & Art Contest in celebration of National Career Development Month in November. Every adult and student enrolled in public, private, and parochial schools, and colleges are eligible. During the month of November, schools from across the state hold local, school, and district wide contests to celebrate National Career Development Month. The theme for this year’s contest is "Career Development Around the World: Making Connections and Increasing Access to Impact the Global Labor Market."




Intermediate Division (3-5)

1st place: Evelyn Marx, Pearsontown Elementary


Middle Division (6-8)

1st place:  Savannah Tyson, Currituck County Middle School

2nd place: Addison Moore, Mount Airy Middle School

3rd place: Jazmine Cooper, Manteo Middle School

Senior Division (9-12)

1st place: Rayveen Jill, Manteo High School

2nd place: Cristian Trejo, Cleveland Early College High School

3rd place: Jasmine Anthony, Cleveland Early College High School

Adult Student (18+ enrolled in school)

1st place: Laura Bethea, Wake Technical Community College 

2nd place: Andrew Massey, Wake Technical Community College 

Art (Category 1)

Primary Division (K-2)

1st place: Walker Meads, Kitty Hawk Elementary 

2nd place: Sydney Priest, Kitty Hawk Elementary 

Intermediate Division (3-5)

1st place: Dayton Dixon, Nags Head Elementary 

2nd place: Chase Davies, Nags Head Elementary 

3rd place: Dylan Pond, Nags Head Elementary 

Middle Division (6-8)

1st place: Keairah Leigh Bowe, Currituck County Middle School 

2nd place: Autumn Sailor, First Flight Middle School 

Senior Division (9-12)

1st place: Azariah Surratt, Shelby High School 

2nd  place: Remus Collins, West Carteret High School 

3rd place: Jada Lawrence, Shelby High School 

Open Adult (18+ enrolled in school)

1st place: Austin Walker 

Open Adult (18+ not enrolled in school)

1st place: Kenny Walker

Art (Category 2)

Intermediate division (3-5)

1st place:  Emily DrumhellerKitty Hawk Elementary 

2nd place: Ashlynn Ignotowicz, Moyock Elementary School

3rd place: Jax Overton, Kitty Hawk Elementary  

middle division (6-8)

1st place: Anna Maner, Manteo Middle School 

2nd place: Madalyn O'Neal, Manteo Middle School 

3rd place: Savannah Tyson, Currituck County Middle School 

senior division (9-12)

1st place: Quinn Cerino, First in Flight High School 

2nd place:  Colleen Cassell, Wilkes Community College 

3rd place: Joyner Drake, First in Flight High School 

Open Adult (18+ enrolled in school)

1st place: Lisa HuntsingerWake Technical Community College 

2nd place: Avery Gall, Wake Technical Community College 

3rd place:  Asia CastillejaWilkes Community College 

Open Adult (18+ not enrolled in school)

1st place: Ronda Branch

North Carolina's National Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of the 56th Annual National Poetry & Art Contest! Thanks for celebrating National Career Development Month!

National Career Development Month Winning Entries

Thank you for your help in making this a successful contest for the state of NC.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

 Kelsey Hines-

 Morgan Ray -

Co-Chairs NCCDA Poetry and Art Contest and National Career Development Month

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