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58th Annual Poetry & Art Contest (2023-2024)

“Art of the Mind: The Connection Between Wellness and Career Success”

The National Career Development Association & North Carolina Career Development Association is hosting the 58thAnnual Poetry & Art Contest in celebration of National Career Development Month in November. Every adult and student enrolled in public, private, and parochial schools, and colleges are eligible. During the month of November, schools from across the state hold local, school, and district wide contests to celebrate National Career Development Month. The theme for this year’s contest is "Art of the Mind: The Connection Between Wellness and Career Success."




1st place: N/A


1st place: Anwita Chenoori, Elizabeth Lane Elementary School

2nd place: Dyemond Connor, Hiddenite Elementary School

3rd place: N/A

Middle Division (6-8)

1st place: Keylin Andrade, William Ellis Middle School

2nd place: Callen Whitten, William Ellis Middle School

3rd place: Aubrey Hammer, First in Flight Middle School

Senior Division (9-12)

1st place: Bridget Thompson, Crest High School

2nd place: Anya Preston, First Flight High School

3rd place: Ericah Brown, Alleghany High School

OPEN ADULT (18+ enrolled in school)

OPEN ADULT (18+ enrolled in school)

1st place: Grace Abraham, Wake Technical Community College

2nd place: Deneatra Barfield, Shaw University

3rd place: N/A

OPEN ADULT (18+ NOT enrolled in school)

1st place: Pauline Merritt

2nd place: Jordan Morris Kush

3rd place: Kenneth Walker

Art (Category 1)


1st place: Caeli Avila Pavan, South Smithfield Elementary School

2nd place: Caleb Woodward, Wittenberg Elementary School

3rd place: N/A

Intermediate Division (3-5)

1st place: Madisyn Moore, South Smithfield Elementary School

2nd place: Kennedy Griffin, South Smithfield Elementary School

3rd place: Yolany Hernandez, South Smithfield Elementary School

Middle Division (6-8)

1st place: Darren Bellamy, Fuquay-Varina Middle School

2nd place: Edith Marion Halladay, Cape Hatteras Secondary

3rd place: N/A

2nd place: Daisy Brewster, Manteo Middle School

3rd place: Fatima Santillan, Manteo Middle School

Senior Division (9-12)

1st place: Layla Stokes, Shelby High School

2nd place: Kate Atwood, Alleghany High School

3rd place: Sheila Torres, Alleghany High School

OPEN ADULT (18+ enrolled in school)

1st place: Brooklyn Talbert, Wake Technical Community College

2nd place: Niya McQuilla, Wake Technical Community College

3rd place: N/A

Open Adult (18+ not enrolled in school)

1st place: Nicolette Johnson

2nd place: Kenny Walker

3rd place: N/A

Art (Category 2)

primary division (K-2)

1st place:  N/A

intermediate division (3-5)

1st place:  N/A

middle division (6-8)

1st place: Olivia Howard, William Ellis Middle School

2nd place: Will Helms, William Ellis Middle School

3rd place: Keely Carter, William Ellis Middle School

senior division (9-12)

1st place: Saxon Heuneman, First in Flight High School

2nd place: Tzara Albiter Acosta, Central Wake High School

3rd place: Julianna Forte, First in Flight High School

open adult (18+ enrolled in school)

1st place: Hannah Hanlon, Wake Technical Community College

2nd place: David Stephens, Wilkes Community College

3rd place: Emma Huffman, Wake Technical Community College

Open Adult (18+ not enrolled in school)

1st place: Penny Clontz

2nd place: Ronda Branch

3rd place: N/A


North Carolina's National Winners

All state winners of the of the 58th Annual National Poetry & Art Contest were successfully submitted and received by the NCDA for the National Contest. Winners will announced after May 1st.

Thanks for celebrating National Career Development Month!

Check out a list of last year's national winners here.

Thank you for your help in making this a successful contest for the state of NC.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

 Morgan Ray -

 Allison Gibson -

Co-Chairs NCCDA Poetry and Art Contest and National Career Development Month


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