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NCCDA Annual Conference

We are thrilled to share information about NCCDA's 2024 Conference!

We hope you’ll join us on March 8, 2024, for a 1-day conference focused on empowering the work you do supporting clients in all aspects of the career development process.

We are excited to share a theme of Unlocking Career Potential: Strategies for Growth and Achievement for the North Carolina Career Development Association (NCCDA) Conference at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The conference is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the transforming landscape of career development in the year 2024. It will facilitate dialogue, knowledge sharing, and exploration of innovative strategies to effectively guide clients through the evolving job markets and adapt to the new normal. This year’s theme underscores the necessity to navigate uncharted territories and employ forward-thinking approaches to empower individuals to make informed career choices in a dynamic environment.

The conference will feature keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities.

The 2024 Conference Committee is seeking proposals that reflect the best thinking in the field, informed by theory and practice, and cognizant of issues related to special populations. If you'd like to submit a proposal, view the form here.

We welcome your proposals, your participation, and your expertise and hope you'll consider joining us in Raleigh this coming March.

With Gratitude,

Emily Gomez

Conference Chair, President-Elect

2023-2024 Graduate Student Conference Scholarship

Graduate student scholarships are available! More information coming soon!

Enjoy a few photos from our previous conferences


Contact Emily Gomez, President-Elect & Conference Chair

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