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president's message

Sent to NCCDA Members June 10, 2020

Dear NCCDA Members, 

Black lives matter. Over the past few weeks, we have been listening, learning, and acknowledging how much work there is to be done to dismantle systemic racism in the United States. The long history of discrimination and police brutality has taken a heavy toll on our Black community. We see the overwhelming grief, pain, and anger. NCCDA stands with NCDA against racism and for social justice. 

We are committed to furthering the conversations that are happening about race and privilege. As career counselors, coaches and educators, we provide access to opportunity and uplift those who have been held down. We must do the work, ask ourselves difficult questions, and sit with the uncomfortable answers. 

COVID-19 has also taken a disproportionate physical, social, and economic toll on People of Color. This fact further emphasizes the need for action. Therefore, NCCDA will invest in opportunities that promote equity and create spaces for sharing knowledge and supporting our colleagues and clients. The importance of promoting justice, advocating for equity, and respecting the Black community belongs to all of us. 


Katie Peterssen, NCCDA President

Deanna Knighton, NCCDA Past-President

Amy Willard, NCCDA President-Elect

We stand with you

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